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Spelling Of All Ages - From School To Professional Business.

3/28/2017 3:31:36 PM EST
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"I'm glad you got the email feature done, I'll be bribing my kid in the morning."

"I think the software is great and my daughter really seems to like it."


I plan to discontinue this product this summer.

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Software Summary

Spelling Made Simple is a program that helps people learn how to spell. Lists can be made by typing them into the program so that any desired custom list can be created. Lists can also be created and learned quickly by dragging and dropping or copying and pasting text into the software. You can also download some lists from our site so that you don't need to create them yourself. You can see, and hear the word (based on the user's settings) and then type the answer which helps with the memorization process and is a proven method in learning how to spell. If the answer is wrong it will go back into the queue and be retried later so that the words that need more practice get tested more often. Statistics are kept with the intention that you can review improvement and review what needs to be worked on.

About The Software

Spelling Made Simple is a spelling software program that implements a simple but proven method of learning spelling words. The spelling software application is designed so that students can run through their spelling list quickly and easily or a business professional can review all of the challenging words in a proposal.

When people get to a certain age they don't want spelling software that is fluffy and colorful. Students nearing 5th grade usually want to do grownup things. Therefore a childish spelling program to them is not appealing.

This spelling software program is also important to adults as well. Many business people want to ensure they can spell the words in a proposal before giving a presentation where they might need to write a challenging word. If they misspell a word during a meeting it could cost them respect, credibility and money.

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